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NEW SALSA COURSE FREE TRIAL (see terms & conditions in Salsa page or enquire)

Irregular work hours? We have a flexible "Pass" to take classes when it suits you NO DATE LIMIT

You are looking to socialize, have fun, get fit, lose weight, a class for Hens, stags, 1st dance preparation, Strictly come Dancing preparation...A fun dance class for your child...You will find the course for you now.

    It is adviced to BOOK before to turn up.
    Adults courses:
  • 7.30pm Bachata & Latin Dances To book for next course  
  • 8.30pm Zumba fitness
      - 7.30pm Contemporary starting 25th July to book
1st Dance preparation to book your space
      - Strictly come Dancing preparation to book your space
  •  Wednesdays:
  • 10.30am Yoga stretching to book
  •  11.30am Post natal get back to shape to book 
  •  6.30pm Hip-hop fitness
  •  7.15pm Ballet (make your start or your return...)
  •  8.30pm Waltz - Jive  6 weeks course,to book 
  • 10.30am Your fitness time to book
  • 11.30am Mums & Toddlers 2 yrs 1/2 up to book
  • 2pm Senior Citizen Dancing time to book
  • 6.30pm Advanced Waltz & jive to book
  • 7.30pm Salsa Beg / 8.30pm  inter 8pm / Advanced 9pm

      - 1pm Lunch time anti stress relaxing stretches to book
      - 6.30pm Breakdance to book
      - Wedding preparation
     - 2.15pm Tap 
     - Wedding preparation
     - 6pm Tango Adults

    Wedding preparation
    - private sessions on days & time to suit

   Children courses:
   Classes during school terms
   - 5pm Hip-hop children
  - 4.15pm strickly come dancing 6yrs up to book
  - 5pm Creative Ballet children 4yrs - 6yrs

  - 5.30pm Ballet children 8yrs up  
  - 5.30pm Breakdance 6yrs up  to book
   - 10am Hip-hop (8yrs - 11yrs)
  - 11am hip-hop teens to book
   - 12noon Tots (from 2yrs 1/2) & Mums to book
   - 12.45pm Creative Ballet Children (4yrs - 7yrs)
   - 1.15pm Ballet 8yrs up
   - 2.15pm teens Tap
 We offer:
  • Dance courses for children, teens & adults
  • Loose weight courses
  • Wedding preparation
  • Hens, stags fun dance session
  • Social dances & Strictly come dancing
  • Post natal get back in shape
  • A Day "crash course" (learn to dance better in one day)
  • Private classes (wedding, interviews, gain confidence)
  • Vouchers
  • Students discount
  • Rent of the Dance studio
  • Holiday Camp for children
  • Dance Holidays in Cuba
  • Special needs classes


project 1


Wednesday7.15pm Ballet Adults, 1h 1/4
Thursday11.30am Mums & toddlers 2yrs 1/2 up, 45min to book       
                    5pm Creative Ballet Children (4yrs - 6yrs) 45min to book
5.30pm Ballet Children 8yrs up, 1h to book
Saturday12noon Toddlers & Mum dancing to book 45min to book
                    12.45pm Creative Ballet Children (4yrs - 7yrs) 45min to book
1.15pm Ballet Children (7yrs up) 1h to book

Ballet is especially good to develop poise and grace, strength and balance, confidence and expression, harmonious muscles and body good posture, fitness and resistance, coordination and gesture memory.

These qualities are important and used all through out life. Poise and grace will help in social events, strength and balance is needed in all sport or movement demanding a physical action, confidence and expression is essential for interviews, harmonious body to feel good about yourself, good posture is important to avoid back and body problems, fitness and resistance is required in all body activity, coordination and movement memory are necessary in many action such as driving, work and factory work etc...

Ballet should be considered as essential in the education of children (boys and girls) for the above beneficial and not only as a "distraction, an amusement"

Ballet is a specific academic dance form and technique which is taught according to specific methods, various styles of ballet and different techniques. Works of dance choreographed using this technique are called ballets, and usually include dance, mime, acting, and music (usually orchestral but occasionally vocal). Ballet is best known for its unique features and techniques, such as """pointe""" work, turn-out of the legs, and high extensions; its graceful, flowing , precise movements; and its ethereal qualities.

project 2


No partner required

7 days a week   Wedding 1st dance private sessions time to suit
7 days a week   Hens dance session (time to suit)
6.30pm Over 50's social to book
                    7.30pm Bachata & Latin to book

Wednesday  8.30pm Waltz & jive 6 weeks courses to book
Thursday      2pm Senior Citizen Dancing time to book
                    4.30pm children strictly come dancing to book
                    7.30pm Salsa
Sunday          6pm Tango

Wedding Preparation 7 days a week  private sessions time to suit
Waltz & Jive Wednesdays 8.30pm to book, see Waltz Jive page for info
Salsa Tuesdays 7.30pm, see Salsa page for info
Tango Sundays 6pm, see Tango page for info
Ballroom is a beautiful social dancing allowing to move freely around the floor "lifting" your partner in an exciting and dazzling dance! It is perfect for Wedding 1st dance

project 3

Bachata & Regaeton

Monday Bachata all level 7.30pm to book
project 4


Mondaycourse finished at present

Bellydance is a perfect form of dancing for women, strenghthening the abdominal muscles, giving poise & elegance

Bellydance is a western term for an Arabic style of dance developed in the middle east.

The Galway Dance Centre offers classes in Belly Dancing for all levels.

project 5


Friday       5.30pm children course is finished at present
                 6.30pm Adults course is finished at present

Break dance is a perfect form of dancing for "lively" boys & girls. It will "push" them to their limit & gain physical strength with fun.

Break dance, breaking, b-boying or b-girling is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement among African American and Puerto Rican youths in the South Bronx of New York City during the early 1970 s. It is normally danced to funk or hip hop music.

project 6


Thursday    course is finished at present

Not to be confused with "pole dancing" or sex dancing...It is the most fun, free dancing but still a good "work out", it includes "charleston" "cabaret" type of dancing, just try it!
project 7

Creative Dance & Contemporary

Monday        8.30pm Zumba fitness
Tuesday       7.30pm Adults contemporary starting 25th July to book
Wednesday  5pm Children Contemporary & hip-hop


Friday          1pm  Adults Lunch time anti stress stretches  to book

Saturday       12 noon Tots & Mums Creative Dance (2yrs 1/2 up) to book

Creative Dance gives a great pleasure with its flowing free movements, it allows expression & interpretation of the music, building up self confidence.
project 8


Tuesday         8.30pm  Sevillanas Adults Beginners to book

  Sevillanas are a powerfull & elegant dance to spanish music
project 9


Monday        8.30pm Zumba 
Tuesday        7.30pm contemporary to book                 
Wednesday   5pm Hip-hop Children to book
                      6.30pm  Hip-hop Adults

Saturday10am  Hip-hop Pre Teens to book
                      11am Hip-hop late Teens to book
Hip-Hop is one of the dance form that will get you fit, make you loose weight, shape your muscles with lots of fun to the latest music charts.
The classes are for all level.

Slim Fit, all our "fitness" courses (ask us list) will get you a good exercise, it will "boost" your energy but mostly is good fun.

project 10


Thursday       7.30pm Salsa & all Latin Dances from 7.30pn to 10.45 (different groups & time for beginners to  Advanced)

Monday7.30pm Bachata all level to book

No partner required
- try a class no obligation, no money asked,
the class will be included in your pass only if you join in the course on the 2nd class, or paid for at €10 rate if you "pay as you go" on the 2nd class
- 50% reduction on 5 wks pass for 2nd person
- 2h class for the price of 1

The course is offering a complete teaching of Salsa & all Latin dances.

During the 2h of the class (for the price of 1h class!) You will learn to move your hips & arms "Latin style", to spin & balance, learn the different basic steps to the different Latin music, & last but not least learn "moves" for all Latin dances having fun...a really good social course

We divide the class in 3 levels (Beginners, Intermediates & very advanced) to allow total beginners to start, intermediate to progress & very advanced members to be still challenged with new moves

We treasure a "Social time" with a free drink (mojito rum cocktail) during the night

Salsa dancing is one of the most fun & popular social dance.

Danced to Latin music it is very relaxing, its rhythm makes your body swing into the dance easily.

Its numerous moves will be fun to learn & to perform with a partner.

The Cuban Salsa not only danced with a partner but also danced in a "rueda" (circle), a caller indicate each move one after an other. It is easy & great fun especially to beginners who can achieve quickly moves & be part of the "salseros"
The Salsa style taught in the Dance Centre is the Cuban style. Christina, principal & main instructor has been going to Cuba since 1997 spending around 6 months out of each year in Cuba going several times a year to Cuba.

project 11

Salsa in Cuba

The Galway Dance Centre organizes Salsa dance courses in Cuba...Salsa "home" & world!

- Next course in Cuba in July, following one in Oct.

Christina will be happy to help you booking a B&B, where to go out, what to visit, explain you its unique economy using 2 currency in different premises, and with what ever you need to prepare for your holiday.

If your dates matches her holiday you will be welcome to join her out if you wish & share a brilliant time!
If your dates are different she can still organize B&B, dance classes & give you info from here.

For information about dancing holidays in Cuba, please drop us an E-Mail.

project 12

Bollywood Dance

Saturday       Children course is finished at present
Saturday       Adults course is finished at present

What is Bollywood?

The term Bollywood was created by combining two names, Bombay (the city now called Mumbai in India) and Hollywood. Bollywood based in Mumbai (Bombay), has become internationally popular that it now has its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Bollywood Dance Form – An International Sensation!!!

Stars like Madonna, Shakira & Britney Spears have incorporated the Bollywood style of dance or music into their songs, videos & stage shows.

Currently Bollywood Dance has flavor of Indian classical, folk & contemporary and is still influenced by Western culture. Bollywood dance form brings its own fun and fitness along with dance.

Galway Dance Centre provides the very best in Bollywood dance training & performances, with a professional tuition…AGE IS NO LIMIT!!!

Whether you want to learn a new style, prepare for a competition, or just try a fun new way to stay in shape – we have the right class for you!

project 13


Saturday2.15pm Sean-nos to book

Dancing to the lively Irish music can only bring you joy & raise your fitness. The Sean-nos & Irish Dancing course is unique in this sense.

Time could be changed to suit better

project 14


Saturday2.15pm Tap Adults to book

Tap is a very lively good fun & energetic dance. if you wish a good lively dance this is will not be disappointed, try one session.

project 15


Sunday         6pm Tango Adults all level

The Argentinean Tango is a very expressive partner dance to the beautifull Argentinean music. It will "lift" your heart & spirit making you "fly" around the floor with ease!

project 16

Waltz & Jive

No partner required
Wednesday8.30pm Waltz & jive Beginners (country jive) Adults
                    6 weeks courses to Book
Thursday6.30pm Waltz & Jive Advanced to book

Sunday         Next course Sunday (enquire for date)1.30pm to 6pm to book

The Waltz & Jive taught at the Dance Centre are the "regular" Waltz & the "country" Jive. They are the two essential dances to all social events & weddings.

Please contact the Dance Centre to enquire for the beginning of the courses and availability in courses.

project 17

Wedding Preparation

7 days a week   Wedding 1st dance private sessions time to suit
7 days a week   Hens dance session (time to suit)
Strictly come Dancing preparation

The Wedding dance is specially made to suit you & the music you choosed.
project 18


Galway Dance Centre's social club meetings (enquire for next one)


These are guide lines please contact us to check.


  • Mum & Tot course
  • Trial €9
  • 5 weeks Mum & Tots €45
  • Flexible Pass €84 8 classes unlimited date
  • or pay as you go €12
  • Young children

    45min classes Term based on €9 per week,             2 classes a week €6 each
  • Children & Teens

    1h classes Term based on €10 per week,                2 classes a week €6.50 each


  • 1h courses
  • Trial €10
  • 5 weeks course's pass €50
  • Pay as you go €13
  • Flexible Pass €92 for 8 classes unlimited date
  • 2 courses a week 5 weeks pass €70

  • Waltz & Jive

    6 weeks only Waltz & jive course €60 per person
  • Sundays Waltz - Jive crash course €60 per person

1h 1/4 courses

  • Trial €12
  • Pay as you go €15
  •    5 weeks Ballet only €60
  • Flexible Pass €108 for 8 classes unlimited date
  • Top up for Ballet valid only with a 1h course's pass: 5 classes €30 / 10 classes €40


  • Private

    For one person €40, For two people €60
  • Hens, Stag & special groups

    3-4 people €20 each

    5-6 people €15 each

    7-9 people €10 each

    10-12 people €9 each

    13-15 people €8

    16 people & more €7 each

Children Teens courses: Children can take other classes of their age group FREE with their term Pass and any class missed can be taken in a parallel course of your choice, as long as the full course is paid for.

One trial class: There is no "drop in" option for children but a child can try 1 class and pay for it, it is €9 for 45min class, €10 for 1h class

The term follows the National School holidays.

Payment for adults & children: All sessions taken must be paid for and up to date, including the 1st class or trial. Cash, cheque or postal order made to Christina Maze, not to "Dance Centre"

sorry no credit card accepted.

Find Us

Dance Centre location:
We are in the side of Galway called Terryland and we are in a shopping complex called "Terryland Retail Park" beside Dunnes Stores Terryland

In Terryland Retail Park we are in the building in the middle of the Terryland shops' parking. We are above the Wallpaper shop called "colour your world" our floor is painted dark pink. We have black signs above the front glass door & at the back of the building top of the purple fire escape stairs, N.B: In the same building you will find beside us "Aysha" Hair Dresser & on the ground floor the laundry, the frame shop, the medical shop.

Postal address: Galway Dance Centre,Terryland Retail Park, H91Y8EV, Galway, Ireland

+353 87 99 33 070